• Winning her back
  • The Trouble with Exes


    One of the biggest trouble with ex-girlfriends is that if you want them back, they are very hard to win back, harder than it probably would be to just find a totally new girlfriend.

    The problem is though, that sometimes you think that the ex is the right girl for you and so you really do want her back. If you are caught in this situation, although your first instinct may be to beg her to come back, that is generally accepted to be a bad move.

    When you beg an ex to come back, although it may work initially, it is usually only as she feels sorry for you that she returns and later, when that feeling of pity disperses, she once again leaves you as she would have lost her respect for you.

    Another common mistake that some men make when they are trying to win back their ex, is to threaten either themselves or the ex. This once again may win her back initially but she will soon leave you again as her feeling of fear goes.

    What may seem like a more reasonable approach but has also been proven to be a mistake, is to remind her of the good times you once shared. This apparently, according to recent studies, also brings back to the girl some of the bad times you shared together, including the ones which made her leave you in the first place.

    So if you really want to win your ex back, you will have to forget your first instincts and think of a new set of strategies. Any strategy that you do pick though, will probably include an apology of some sort, perhaps even or something you didn’t realize you had done in the first place.

    A lack of romance in a relationship is often a cause for girlfriends to leave you and so if you think this may be case in your instance, it is time to get romantic.

    To start with you can offer to take her for romantic dinner, somewhere where you dine by candle light and talk freely about what you both want in a private and romantic atmosphere. If that sounds too pricey, consider instead going to the country for a picnic for just the two of you.

    There you will be able to take a walk and discuss the possibilities for your future together. As the romance will have to be kept up if you are to be successful, you may want to consider mentioning a weekend away together, perhaps to somewhere romantic, ideally somewhere like Paris which is romantic and appealing.

    If it was only the romance which was missing, the girl should still have feelings for you and so, once the romance continues, the relationship should this time work. If however, she split with you because you were too intense, you may have to take things slowly, allowing her to take the lead and suggest where you go from here.

  • Winning her back
  • Pining for an Ex-Girlfriend


    Pining for an ex-girlfriend is probably something that we have all done at one time or another but whilst many of us get over it and quickly find a new girlfriend who immediately makes us feel bette. If this is the case you can always search for recommended dating services near me. This will bring up a number of options for you to consider when moving forward.

    Although for others it isn’t always that easy.

    Sometimes the girl that has been lost is a girl that we liked far more than we perhaps thought and losing her has left a void that will not easily be filled, if at all.

    In these cases one solution is to try and win back that ex-girlfriend but this is not a task that should be taken on lightly, as it will not be easy. If after much thought, we think that the ex, really was the girl for us and we want her back for the long term, we are going to have to be prepared to work in order to win her back and keep her back.

    Of course your usual pick-up tricks an witty remarks will not help as she will already be aware of your outward charm and so new tactics are going to have to be adopted, tactics that you may be unfamiliar with yet you must make work if you are going to be successful in your quest.

    Two things you must remember at this stage are, you must not beg and you must not threaten. These are tactics that may work in getting a girl back for the short term, perhaps one more night but, they are tactics that work against winning a girl back for any long term relationship.

    Often men make the mistake of reminding a girl of some of the better times they shared but although there may well have been some good times, reminding her of the past may also remind her of some of the things you’d rather she didn’t remember and so concentrate only on the future.

    Talk to her of what good times you could have in the future if you were to get back together. Of course though she knows you and may think that it is just talk but here is where you have to be inventive and find a way to convince her that you have changed and can now make that future a reality.

    Romance is often a key in winning an old flame back as they all too often think that the romance had died in your past together. To rekindle that feeling of romance, talk of romantic dinners, eating by candle light, strolling on beaches under the stars or strolling through the countryside far from the hassles of everyday life.

    If you can afford it, a romantic weekend away to somewhere like Paris, Venice or Rome is usually a heart winner but remember, whatever you do to get her back, you may have to keep doing in order to keep her. At the beginning I told you it wouldn’t be easy and so to be sure that it is what you want before you even attempt it.

  • Rekindle flames
  • Rekindling an Exes Flame


    Once you and a girlfriend have broken up, her flame for you has gone out but yours, for her has not. If this is the case you will want to rekindle her flame and win her back but, that is not always so easy to do.

    If her flame for you has gone out, there must have been a reason and whether you agree with the reason or not, if you want her back, you will have to address that reason, at least in her eyes.
    An apology is going to help but is rarely enough on its own and so you are going to have to work on what the problem was. I say work on it because just saying you have changed, is unlikely to make her believe you, she will want to see actual proof that you are at least trying to change.

    You could perhaps start by buying new clothes as women always notice clothes and seeing you have changed in at least one respect, may make it easier for her to believe you have changed in other respects too.

    Of course, if the problem was you had a straying eye towards other women, you will have to keep her fully in your sight, never allowing your eyes to be distracted. If however she thought you never paid her enough attention, then be prepared to give her all your attention, hopefully more than she could ever have wished for.

    Do not under any circumstances though, beg. Girls like pets that beg not men. If a girl sees a man begging, they lose respect for that man and so even if through sympathy for you, she did return, she would not stay long.

    Threatening to become a monk or some other foolishness because you could never live a normal life without her, may draw pity from her and perhaps even enough pity to go back to you but once again, her respect for you will have been lost and any hopes of the two of you getting back together for the long term, also lost.

    One other thing you should not do is mention the past. You may have had some good times together and those good times are probably strong in your memory but, by bringing them up, you may also bring up in her memory some not such good times, perhaps things that caused the break-up.

    So you must focus on the present and talk of the future. Mention all the things that the two of you could do and achieve if you were together. Most girls long or romance and so make sure romance is strong in your vision of the future, as you portray it to her.

    Romantic candle-lit dinners, weekends away to country hide-a-ways with strolls in the countryside or along a beach, sipping nightcaps beneath the stars. You may of course have to make these visions realistic by having looked up some potential venues but no amount of effort will ever be too much.

    That is why for married couples, we always recommend searching for marriage counselling options near me. If you loved her enough to get married, you should also work hard to retain the love and structure of that marriage.

    Don’t give up!

  • There is a way
  • An Ex-Girlfriend is Not Irretrievable


    Although an ex-girlfriend may be hard to get back, they are not irretrievable as long as you go about it the right way. Certainly in most cases it would be easier to find a new girlfriend than it would be to get an old one back but, providing you don’t make the common mistakes of begging, threatening or dwelling on the past, it is possible.

    As it is harder to get an old girlfriend back rather than finding a new one, you should first be certain that you do want the old one back not just a female to go out with. Yes, whenever a relationship with a girl comes to an end, we do feel at a loss but sometimes that is just a loss of female company and so any girl will fill that void.

    Sometimes though, even if we do find new girlfriends, we still feel that something is missing and that something is the ex. In situations like this we need to at least try and get back our ex which could mean a lot of effort. Earlier I mentioned the common mistakes that men make when attempting to get their old girlfriends back and they are mistakes if you want to get the girl back for a meaningful romance, not just another night in bed.

    When a man begs an ex to come back to him, his begging may pay off in the short term but only because the girl feels sorry for him, nothing more. This means that you may win her back for just one more night but your begging would have made her lose respect for you and that lack of respect will last far longer than any feeling of sympathy will and so any hope of a lasting relationship will be dead.

    The same can be said about threats either to them or yourself, the girl may come back for a night through fear or pity but will have lost any respect for you that she may still have had and so any hopes for a meaningful relationship will be permanently placed in the past.

    Although you may think that recalling past good times will do the trick, think again as experts say that reminding the girls of the past does not just bring them recollections of the good times but also the bad and so that can work against your efforts.

    According to the so called experts, the only way forward when trying to get an ex back, is to talk of the future you could share together. Of course it will also include apologizing for any misdeeds you may have done in the past, plus convincing her that you have changed all the bad ways she thought you had.

    That last bit is perhaps the difficult part, convincing, not just saying you have changed but showing you have. Buying new clothes and inviting her for a romantic candle-lit dinner may be a way forward from here.