An Ex-Girlfriend is Not Irretrievable


Although an ex-girlfriend may be hard to get back, they are not irretrievable as long as you go about it the right way. Certainly in most cases it would be easier to find a new girlfriend than it would be to get an old one back but, providing you don’t make the common mistakes of begging, threatening or dwelling on the past, it is possible.

As it is harder to get an old girlfriend back rather than finding a new one, you should first be certain that you do want the old one back not just a female to go out with. Yes, whenever a relationship with a girl comes to an end, we do feel at a loss but sometimes that is just a loss of female company and so any girl will fill that void.

Sometimes though, even if we do find new girlfriends, we still feel that something is missing and that something is the ex. In situations like this we need to at least try and get back our ex which could mean a lot of effort. Earlier I mentioned the common mistakes that men make when attempting to get their old girlfriends back and they are mistakes if you want to get the girl back for a meaningful romance, not just another night in bed.

When a man begs an ex to come back to him, his begging may pay off in the short term but only because the girl feels sorry for him, nothing more. This means that you may win her back for just one more night but your begging would have made her lose respect for you and that lack of respect will last far longer than any feeling of sympathy will and so any hope of a lasting relationship will be dead.

The same can be said about threats either to them or yourself, the girl may come back for a night through fear or pity but will have lost any respect for you that she may still have had and so any hopes for a meaningful relationship will be permanently placed in the past.

Although you may think that recalling past good times will do the trick, think again as experts say that reminding the girls of the past does not just bring them recollections of the good times but also the bad and so that can work against your efforts.

According to the so called experts, the only way forward when trying to get an ex back, is to talk of the future you could share together. Of course it will also include apologizing for any misdeeds you may have done in the past, plus convincing her that you have changed all the bad ways she thought you had.

That last bit is perhaps the difficult part, convincing, not just saying you have changed but showing you have. Buying new clothes and inviting her for a romantic candle-lit dinner may be a way forward from here.