• Rekindle flames
  • Rekindling an Exes Flame


    Once you and a girlfriend have broken up, her flame for you has gone out but yours, for her has not. If this is the case you will want to rekindle her flame and win her back but, that is not always so easy to do.

    If her flame for you has gone out, there must have been a reason and whether you agree with the reason or not, if you want her back, you will have to address that reason, at least in her eyes.
    An apology is going to help but is rarely enough on its own and so you are going to have to work on what the problem was. I say work on it because just saying you have changed, is unlikely to make her believe you, she will want to see actual proof that you are at least trying to change.

    You could perhaps start by buying new clothes as women always notice clothes and seeing you have changed in at least one respect, may make it easier for her to believe you have changed in other respects too.

    Of course, if the problem was you had a straying eye towards other women, you will have to keep her fully in your sight, never allowing your eyes to be distracted. If however she thought you never paid her enough attention, then be prepared to give her all your attention, hopefully more than she could ever have wished for.

    Do not under any circumstances though, beg. Girls like pets that beg not men. If a girl sees a man begging, they lose respect for that man and so even if through sympathy for you, she did return, she would not stay long.

    Threatening to become a monk or some other foolishness because you could never live a normal life without her, may draw pity from her and perhaps even enough pity to go back to you but once again, her respect for you will have been lost and any hopes of the two of you getting back together for the long term, also lost.

    One other thing you should not do is mention the past. You may have had some good times together and those good times are probably strong in your memory but, by bringing them up, you may also bring up in her memory some not such good times, perhaps things that caused the break-up.

    So you must focus on the present and talk of the future. Mention all the things that the two of you could do and achieve if you were together. Most girls long or romance and so make sure romance is strong in your vision of the future, as you portray it to her.

    Romantic candle-lit dinners, weekends away to country hide-a-ways with strolls in the countryside or along a beach, sipping nightcaps beneath the stars. You may of course have to make these visions realistic by having looked up some potential venues but no amount of effort will ever be too much.

    That is why for married couples, we always recommend searching for marriage counselling options near me. If you loved her enough to get married, you should also work hard to retain the love and structure of that marriage.

    Don’t give up!